Transport Information / Traffic Control

Traffic Management Trailer
Highway Transport Information Display

Traffic management displays can be built to order in any configuration your require. We can custom build information displays for any application including the following.

Portable Trailer Displays for Roadside

Portable VMS displays that can be placed roadside for temporary information, event promotion, advertising and dynamic messages. These units are easy to set up, extremely energy efficient and capable of running on line, solar or battery powered. Messages can be changed and monitored from remote from your office. Full Colour and Monochrome LED displays are available for an eye catching display, capable of full motion video and customisable to all requirements including radar and live information feeds.

Fix Mounted for Highways

Fix mounted roadway variable message signs are made for traffic management applications on highways and major roads. These units are fabriacted via our IP-65 rated all weather outdoor LED displays with traffic information software.

Fix Mounted for traffic control

Traffic control at tollways, parking lots, entertainment centers, sports arenas and other areas of high density slow motoring traffic control can easily be achieved with the correct placement of LED VMS information displays. Our single and multi-line INDOOR and OUTDOOR VMS displays are perfectly suited for any traffic control situation.

Concourse and Platform displays

Tansport displays for train, bus and airport concourses to provide passenger information. Modular design to integrate seamlessly wih station architect.

LED Traffic Signal Lights

Traffic signal lights for automotive and pedestrian traffic can be supplied in single units or assembled multi-module displays. Full displays can be vertical or horizontally fabricated to suit the desired application.

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