Outdoor signs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Signs are modular and can be as high and long as you can imagine. All signs are available in Red/Yellow, Pure Green and Tri-color (red, green, yellow). Outdoor signs have the same single line, multi-line and multi-lingual features as the indoor signs but are bright enough to operate in direct sunlight. They can also withstand severe high and low temperatures and dusty environments.

Programmable text messages for all manners of outdoor signage applications… everything from standard notice boards and advertising to traffic information displays. Single and multi-line display options fabricated to suit any size or viewing distance. The user friendly software installs on almost any PC, and provides all of the tools needed to create compelling, animated and static text with preprogrammed transitions. Dependent upon the unit required, hand held remote control devices can be used in lieu of PC’s to program messages.
The requirements of VMS displays depend greatly on the viewing distance of the subject. Here is a full list of available VMS single line displays.

LED ticker displays are a great way to attract attention, while communicating useful and timely information. Your information and scrolling ticker updates will attract and hold your customers’ attention by sharing up to the minute information. Whether you’re keeping track of your stocks, staying abreast of the latest sport stats and scores, looking for breaking headlines or checking out Hollywood gossip, the Ticker displays offer many different content options to enhance your customer’s experience.
Design your own feed or choose from one of our current available content options including:

Integrate up to three custom messages into your Ticker service to engage customers and increase brand awareness through your LED signs.

AusSport can manufacture any size single or multi line display to your specification depending on pixel pitch. Due to pixel spacing, there are minimum sizes.